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What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is not JUST about the spine, but more accurately about the brain and nervous system.
When your brain works properly, it can coordinate all body functions through the nervous system- so you move well, organs function correctly, and you heal and repair from pain, injury and illness.
For the brain to work properly, it needs stimulation, and the brain gets most of its stimulation from movement of the spine! Like a windmill generating electricity, proper spinal movement means your brain is powered up and ready to work.  
The common daily physical, chemical and mental/emotional demands of life cause our spine to stop moving as it should. This means the brain has less stimulation, so doesn’t work as effectively.
Think of your car that has gone too long between mechanic services, or your internet browser with too many tabs open. That lack of proper movement, that loss of stimulation all adds to a stress response, and a stressed brain works even less efficiently.  

Chiropractic is simply adjusting the spine so it moves properly, so the brain can be stimulated, the stress response lessened, so the body can get back to doing what it does best- moving well, regulating all the organs, and healing and repairing.  

When was the last time you had yours and your family’s nervous system checked?

1st Visit

Your initial consultation is a discovery session at the office.

Our purpose is to discover what health concerns you have, how long ago did the issue begin, and learn your goals for your health moving forward. This, with the physical examination, Insight scan of your nervous system (see below), and x-rays if required, gives us the information we need to map the way forward towards better health.

After the consult, exam and Insight scan we review all the information and at the report visit (2nd visit) we provide our best care plan to help you to regain or improve your health.

Allow 40 minutes for this visit.

2nd Visit

Your Report of Findings visit allows us to sit down and outline everything we have found at the initial visit; the results of the examination, Insight scan and x-rays (if taken), and together with your goals for your own health, the best recommendations can be made, that will get you back to health, in the shortest possible time.

If you are happy with the plan and want to start, we can commence care with an adjustment that visit.

Allow 20 minutes for this visit.

Regular Visits

Throughout your care plan, your regular appointments don’t take as long as the first two. We appreciate your time is valuable, so regular appointment visits are designed for us to check in about your health, assess and adjust your spine, and provide further rehabilitation or lifestyle advice.

You are welcome to stay as long as you want- our friendly staff love a chat, and we have a pot of herbal tea brewing each day for you to enjoy.

At the end of your care plan we schedule a progress exam visit, with a mini examination/check in visit half way through; every goal in life needs revisiting and fine tuning to make sure it is on track to being completed, and your health is no different. Progress exams allow us to monitor your improvement and make any changes to your care plan to ensure you are getting the best from us.

What is an INSiGHT Scan?

Want to know how you’re handling the stresses of your day to day life?

We use the INSiGHT scan to get a picture of where your neuro-spinal health is now, as well as monitoring it over time as your progress through your care. This scan is non-invasive, uses infrared (not ionizing radiation like x-ray) and is safe for the whole family.

The INSiGHT scan is made up of 3 parts:


insight scan neuropulse HRV heart rate variability stress adaptation

The neuroPULSE

Lifestyle stress and subluxations affect the balance of the part of the nervous system that runs your body automatically (Autonomic Nervous System). This can impact your ability to adapt to stress. The neuroPULSE measures HeartRate Variability (HRV), the gold standard to assess the overall effects of stress and anxiety on your health.

insight scan neuropulse

The neuroCORE

This sEMG scan accurately measures spinal muscle tension, assesses muscle symmetry and efficiency of posture, and shows how subluxations causes an exhaustion on postural muscles.

insight scan neuropulse

The neuroTHERMAL

Thermographic scanning detects patterns of imbalanced temperature regulation at each spinal level, which is a sign the autonomic nerves aren’t functioning properly.

What is an insight scan

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