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About Us

What is Ascension?

Ascension Chiropractic was born out of the need in our community for something greater.

Created in a time of heightened stress around the world, we recognise individually, as a local community and globally that there is a need for better health outcomes.

Not just in the treatment of disease, but in supporting the wisdom of the body; our amazing ability to adapt and be resilient to stress, to self heal and repair, and for our body to function exactly as it should: with optimal expression of health.

Ascension Chiropractic was designed to help facilitate the healing process, and to help you ascend to your best life yet.


Our Vision

For a world where every adult and child lives their fullest expression of life, enjoying abundant health and happiness.


A world where every single person has access to quality health care that honours the body's inborn ability to function, heal and express life.

Our Mission

To create an environment to facilitate the ascension of people's lives into their best self; to bring holistic health care to every adult and child on the planet, and to care for and serve each person as if they were our own family.


Meet the team

Dr. Andrew Smith from Ascension Chiropractic - Chiropractic Hammond Park

Dr. Andrew Smith


Our chiropractor, Dr Andrew Smith was born and raised in the south east suburbs of Perth, and loves to call this city home. Feeling called to a life of service, many of his adventures and opportunities have been the answer to the question, 'How can I improve the life of another?'  and becoming a chiropractor with a focus on family wellness, babies and kids, was the easy solution.

He is an avid traveller; 2 chiropractic mission trips to India as part of the Hands on India program; 2 summers spent in the states with Camp America, and most recently a trip throughout Italy, Austria and Germany with his family. 

He and his wife Genevieve have recently moved back to Perth after spending the last few years living and working in Kalgoorlie, and their firstborn daughter Eleanor came into the world in February 2021. 

His highest values are his faith, his family and health, and life mission is to help facilitate  the ascension to the best self of each person he is fortunate enough to encounter.

Genevieve Smith from Ascension Chiropractic - Chiropractic Hammond Park

Genevieve Smith

Admin Extraordinaire and Social Media Manager

Genevieve is born and raised in the south east suburbs of Perth as part of a large family, and values the joy that family and community life brings. She is a brilliant high school teacher, equally matched by her prowess on almost any musical instrument. After teaching science, music, and religion in Kalgoorlie over the past few years, she is excited to step into a new role as both business owner, and mother the the gorgeous Eleanor.

One of her favourite quotes, by Australia's first saint, Saint Mary of the Cross McKillop, is "Never see a need without doing something about it", and this has fuelled her desire to always go above and beyond to help all those she meets.

You will get to meet her properly as she pops in and out of the office providing support in admin as well as social media manager. 

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