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Shoulder Pain

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Shoulder pain is common and can affect anyone from athletes to the elderly.

There are many different kinds of shoulder injuries including; frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) shoulder bursitis, rotator cuff tears, dislocation.

Shoulder pain and injuries can severely impact your daily activities due to the high level of mobility within the shoulder.

There are many possible causes of shoulder pain, here are some of the most common we see:

For the most part, shoulder pain and injuries are mechanical in nature. Meaning these kind of injuries are caused by poor structural alignment and muscular imbalances.

However, it is crucial that we get a clear understanding of the cause of your shoulder pain. Which is why we perform a comprehensive examination. If we deem that your injury needs to be attended by another medical professional we will be sure to find you the right person.

We take a very holistic approach to helping you overcome shoulder pain. Instead of focussing on your shoulder in isolation, we look to improve the function of your entire body.

Poor posture, and forward head posture is one of the most common underlying causes of neck pain. This type of posture which is common among sedentary people, and office workers places the shoulder joint under extra load.

This type of posture causes the shoulders to round forward, which places extra strain on all of the tissues around the shoulder joint and neck.

On top of our specific chiropractic adjustments, rehabilitative exercises and posture correction are crucial to ensuring we help you overcome pain.

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