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You might be thinking, “Why would I see a chiropractor when I am suffering with dizziness?”

The link between spinal alignment/spinal dysfunction and dizziness/vertigo has been well established. This type of dizziness is referred to as ‘cervicogenic dizziness.’

That being said, there are many other possible causes for dizziness and vertigo. This is why we take the time to examine you properly to start with, to understand exactly what is causing your problem.

If we deem that your dizziness has a more serious cause, we will be sure to refer you to the appropriate medical practitioners for further investigations and treatment.

In the instances where dizziness is being caused by poor spinal alignment (cervicogenic dizziness) we see that poor posture is a common contributing factor.

A forward head posture and rounded shoulders, places the joints in the cervical spine (neck) under added stress. Due to the close relationship between the cervical spine and dizziness, improving your posture is of utmost importance to seeing you improve.

Our team is 100% committed to helping you get back to your optimal health and to ascend to your best life.

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